Product Description

HONEYBEE’S DICTIONARY 1, Volume 11 of the Honeybee Series,
consists of approximately 80 pages and full colour illustrations.
It’s an educational book for ages 3 to 7, which includes honeybee terminology in alphabetical order. It is a resource which can be used as part of an integrated program since it involves different concepts, e.g. honeybee terminology and word blending.
Although each page includes the basic meaning of all the words shortly, the main focus of this dictionary is for students to learn honeybee words through either incidental reading or word recognition associating it with the relevant full colour pictures, but not in one sitting.
Those students who are able to identify letters and sound in words, have the opportunity to segment and blend the phonemes in each word (indicated in different colours) and then reading the word as a whole in a different font and size in black.
The layout of the dictionary is done in such a way as to ensure practice of eye movement from left to right.