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About the Author/Teacher

Jeanette Vuuren, the writer of Clever Mind Series, is a qualified, registered teacher, having an additional Diploma in Remedial Education. She has a rich and diverse experience in teaching. She has taught children in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Australia and particularly enjoys working with children with specific needs. For Ms. Vuuren, it is a delight to teach children with special needs how to accomplish success. Usually, their first successful step is learning how to read. Witnessing and helping this process gave Jeanette Vuuren ideas, this was how she has started writing educational books: she was helping a young girl who was not able to read words, but “read” pictures. Jeanette Vuuren is an empathic and open-minded person, and it shows in her educational books. Her glorious stories educate and entertain children at the same time. Clever Mind Series’ educational books help parents and teachers get children enjoy reading and learning. They help parents and educators how to support children, how to get them interested in learning books. Jeanette Vuuren used her wide and colourful experience to write educational children’s books, adding all the tips and trick she has developed when teaching children with specific needs. These books are the kind of books that kids grow to like easily.

Our Author–Jeanette Vuuren


Clever Mind Series focuses on the main concepts and topics planned across the curriculum relevant to students from 3 to 11 years of age. It aims to integrate learning content with different learning areas as well as daily life situations, teaching students valuable life lessons and skills at the same time. Parents and teachers find the programs, books and resources extremely helpful, since they include differentiated activities which are planned across the curriculum for students at different levels of ability.


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See Clever Mind Series’ SCIENCE-LITERACY PROGRAM for YEAR 1-3 students.

The Sciene-Literacy Program is divided into FOUR 10-week programs per year that cover all Science and Literacy requirements, except for the intensive teaching of Phonics. The first 10-week SCIENCE-LITERACY PROGRAM (Earth & Space), is available on Clever Mind Series’ Page.  The Science and Literacy requirements are aligned to the AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM and incorporate COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS.